Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Catching up...

We've had a busy week! Sean's parents, grandparents and sister came into town to celebrate his birthday. We had a fun lunch and it was nice to see all of them! He opened his presents and got some spending money, Hastings giftcards (his fave), a new shaving kit, a book and plaque with hymns, some new boots, a necklace and DVDs! His mother's mom gave him some neat stuff that belonged to his grandfather, which was really special. He made out like a bandit!

On Monday was Sean's big birthday BBQ, which was a blast. We did not know we knew so many kids until they were all at our house at once! Our friends Matt and Marsh came in from Houston and spent the night. We had fun hanging out with them and talking. (Even though the chiggers and mosquitos ate me alive.) We enjoyed some great Mexican food at Casa Rod and a trip to Marble Slab before they headed back home.

Sean and I had planned to eat dinner together at Texas Roadhouse on Tuesday, but our plans were foiled by a tri-county blackout that lasted almost all night! We celebrated his birthday with candles, but not on a cake! We're gonna try again for that birthday dinner tonight after he gets home from a meeting. My parents were here this weekend and bought Sean a microwave for his bday. (I told him that's what he wanted!) I didn't feel too bad since his parents gave me stemware for my bday. It is something we'll definitely use...we needed it! We had fun relaxing time with them and ran a few errands.

Well, we're off to eat!


Ashley Nelson said...

I am glad your electricity finally came back on. Sounds like you have been busy, I need you to email me your new address so I can send you a card.

Marcia said...

I'm glad we got out before the black out hit. I think I left some stuff in your bathroom.
Good luck on celebrating tonight.