Thursday, October 08, 2009 update!

I'm going to make this short...I've got to get in bed!

First of all, I'm PREGNANT! We are so excited about the new little blessing that will be coming into our family in June. This one was not as surprising as Caroline so we found out pretty early. I still have 3 weeks to wait until I see the doctor. I've been feeling good so far, no sickness, just pretty tired.

I updated the blog with new pictures. We had pictures made with Sean's family at the end of the summer and though I still very much prefer Alisa's photography, they'll do until I can get to Lubbock again :) Can you believe how big Caroline is getting?

School is, well, going. I don't really like to go into many details about my job on my blog for the obvious reasons, but I'll go ahead and say I'm having a bad year. A really bad year. I've cried more in the last seven weeks than I have in my last 8 years combined. Prayers would be appreciated.

This is random, but I've been so stressed lately that to calm myself down before bed every night I watch old episodes of The Office on DVD. I'm completely addicted to it. Tonight was the first episode of the new season I watched. Was everyone else laughing so hard they could barely breathe? I was dying was just what I needed!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow...TGIF! Hope you all have a great weekend!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

My first week of school by the numbers... in my class on the first day of school. in my class on the second day of school.

6...kindergarten teachers started the week at my school.

4...kindergarten teachers are left. (I'm so thankful I didn't get moved because of low numbers!)

10...firefighters and paramedics sent to deal with a playground "incident" with one of my students. (Luckily, she was completely fine and will have an awesome story to tell when she gets older!)'s been a long week! How many more months until June?

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


I think I have adult ADD. Does anyone else ever think that? I started this post awhile back, but then I got distracted and I'm just now finishing it up. Happens to me all the time. Anyway, here's the pictures from our Tech friends family vacation to New Braunfels.

I remember when I was in middle school, one of my teachers used to often tell our class that she was so excited that we had college ahead of us, because we would make such great memories and meet the best friends of our lives. She was right! I've been friends with these guys for a decade now, and though we don't get to see each other as much as we would like to, it's just like old times when we get together. We try to plan a vacation every year, and this summer the weekend that worked best happened to be my 30th birthday. I can't imagine a better way to have spent my special day!

We rented a house right off the river and floated the Comal, went to dinner at the Gristmill, visited Schlitterbahn and just had a great time being together! They even threw me a party with decorations and everything! It was just perfect! Can't wait for the next "family vacation!"

Monday, July 06, 2009

Disneyworld-Day3 @ Epcot

The next day we headed to Epcot. It turned out to be my favorite park out of the 4 we visited! I really enjoyed the Spaceship Earth ride (the one in the big silver sphere)...we went on that one twice! It was also really neat to visit all of the countries in the World Showcase. They even had exchange students from all of the different countries working in those areas!

Caroline loved the Nemo ride. In this picture, she's looking for "Momo" and "Deewee" in the aquarium.

She made a craft...

Sorry this picture is reason I liked Epcot is because it was huge and really spread out...the crowds didn't seem so terrible because you actually had room to walk around.

We finished the day off with some sweet treats!

My raspberry smoothie was delicious! That night, we headed back to the hotel to eat and watched the firework show from our swimming pool. It was another great day!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Disneyworld-Days 1 and 2 @ Downtown Disney and Magic Kingdom

We had a great time on our trip to Disneyworld. It was my first time to go, so I was really excited! We stayed for a week, so we had plenty of time to do just about everything we wanted to. We took over 1,000 pictures, so I'll have to split up these posts so I don't overwhelm myself!

When we checked into our room, they had made the towels into a Mickey Mouse on the bed. So cute!

We stayed at the Polynesian resort, and really enjoyed it. It was very nice and it was easy to catch the monorail or a bus to any of the parks we wanted to go to.

Sean took Caroline on the train at Downtown Disney the first night we were there. She was pretty tired, but I think she still had fun!

Sean, his dad and I went to see the Cirque du Soleil show "La Nouba" that night. It was amazing!

The next morning we headed out to the Magic Kingdom for our first "park day"!

I was not prepared for how many people would be at the park. It was SO crowded! Luckily, we had Fast Passes so we did not have to wait in too many long lines. We let Caroline run around at Pooh's playground before we went on the Winnie the Pooh ride.

We went on the carousel. She did not want to get off when it was over! She kept saying "pony, pony!"
She saw her first 3D show...

and helped Dad shoot a gun at Tom Sawyer's Island!

The whole time we were there, Caroline would wave at random people and say "Hi!" (she's very friendly) Anyway, she was waving and yelling "Hi!" as this boat went past us and all of the people on the boat waved back at her! So funny!

I got a special button since it was my first trip to Disneyworld!

Caroline's hair curled up so cute while we were there...I guess the weather was just right!
Steering the boat...

My father in law and I rode the spinning tea cups...

and he tried to kill me by spinning it as fast as he could the whole time! All I could see was a big blur until it was over!
Me and my sweetie at the end of the day, ready to do it all again tomorrow!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

How lucky am I.. have the best Mom in the world AND be a Mom to the sweetest little girl in the world?

Happy Mother's Day!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Yesterday, Sean surprised me big time!

I usually call him from work after he picks Caroline up from Sonshine School, just to check in to see how they are doing. I tried to call yesterday, but my phone would not connect. It's not always easy for me to get a signal at school, so I didn't think anything of it. I noticed my phone said "Unregistered SIM card" on it, but my pink RAZR is pretty much the worst phone I've ever had, so again I didn't give it a second thought. I went on with the end of my day, went to the post office and headed home.

When I got home, Sean was awake, which was weird because he usually goes back to sleep while Caroline takes her after school nap. He asked me if I had tried to call him, and I told him my phone wasn't working. He kept questioning me and I thought that it was also weird that he was VERY concerned with my phone not connecting. It's not really an out of the ordinary occurance. Out of the corner of my eye, I see that he has left a note for me on my pillow and has cleaned our room. How sweet, I thought.

Behind the note was THIS:

I was shocked and SO excited! I've been telling Sean for months that the ONLY thing I want for my 30th birthday is an iPhone. My birthday is not for 3 more months, but he surprised me a little early. When he went to buy it, he had them disconnect my old phone...that's why it wasn't working! He totally tricked me!

I'm still trying to get the hang of how to use it, but so far I love it. If you know of any fun apps I should download, let me know! I have the sweetest husband ever. I love you, Sean!