Friday, November 03, 2006

Things that have happened recently

In no particular order...

1. Sean got to meet former President Bush. The SWAT team had to check everything to make sure it was safe before he gave a speech here last week. Sean says he was very friendly.

2. I got the most adorable/sexy black patent leather pumps at TJMaxx for 40 bucks. I checked online to see how much they would have been normally (they are REALLY nice shoes) and they would have been at least 400 dollars!! I'm so pumped about my super bargain.

3. At TJs I also got some of my friends gifts for $2.25 each. They will be shocked to know I spent so little for such a cool gift.

4. I got a cold, but I feel mostly better now.

5. I had a FREE 90 minute massage on Saturday. Pure bliss!

Well, I have to wake the kiddos up from nap (yeah, I'm at work, so what?)
Have a great weekend!


Ashley Nelson said...

No way, my little bargain shopper!

You are so cool!

Marcia said...

When I ran my first marathon, President was standing on the curb shaking hand with any runner that would stop. It was very nice!

Sounds like you found lot more at TJ this time that on our trip last time. If the 2.25 gift is my surprise I'm even more curious!

I got a 60 minute massage last week, so I'm jealous you got 30 more minutes than me.