Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Video!!

A big "I'm sorry" to all of you who tried to view this earlier when it didn't work. Maybe I should take that "How to use a Mac" class they are offering this summer. :)
Oh well, I'm back on my PC now and everything is right with the world. Enjoy!

I haven't attempted to put any of our videos on the computer yet, but Caroline's babysitter sent this one to me today via e-mail so I thought I'd share! She's such a funny little girl!


Marcia said...

Such a sweet little girl! I'm glad you got the video working. I'd to miss out on her.

I'm so slow, it took me about half way through the video to realize that was her babysitter talking. I kept thinking, "man, Tiffany's voice sounds different!"

Ashley said...

Um, Sean looks cute sitting in the floor in a dress on the phone, oh wait, was that Caroline? They look so much alike! :)