Saturday, June 07, 2008 has been awhile since I've blogged. I just really haven't been in the mood. I just got off of the phone with my grandmother and she commented that she and her cousin were checking my blog, so I thought I'd update it for them. Who am I to deny her pictures of her favorite (and only) great-grandchild?

This one's for Alisa! The picture we ordered from her turned out beautifully, though the framing cost a fortune. I actually think Alisa tried to warn me about that, but I didn't listen. That's what I get for being dumb. We are going to paint the living room next weekend and then hang it up. I am also going to order a few more prints now that I have money again!

Caroline got ahold of her peach puffs while I was on the phone with Sean the other day. The next thing I knew, they were all on the floor and she was shoving them into her mouth with both hands. Luckily, I had just vacuumed the floor a few hours earlier, so I just put them back in the jar!

I dressed her in this outfit for church the other night and I thought it was so cute!

Mmm...cornbread! I think a teeny bit of it actually made it into her mouth. I think if you enlarge the picture you can see her first tooth that popped up last week!

We went to Waco to visit Sean's family and, of course, had to get in the pool. Caroline liked it pretty well and thought the crab floaty her Grams bought her was pretty cool!

Snacks in both hands...that's my girl!

We thought this big diaper box looked fun to play in. My dad also made a wagon for me out of a diaper box when I was her age!

This is from Baby Blessing day at church. Notice anyone missing? Sean got called out for the SWAT team that morning. I told him to make sure and let the criminal know that he was ruining my day with his bad choices. It was still pretty special, though!

My parents came into town for baby day. This is Nana and Caroline!

Bubble hat!

This one is from Mother's Day. Sean and Caroline got me a gift set of Juicy Couture perfume. It smells wonderful and I wear it every day!

In reference to one of my recent posts, this week I got a letter saying that Caroline's doctor's bill was taken care of. I have to say I'm proud of my persistence! Well, she's getting tired of watching Karen Henley, so I better go!


annalee said...

she is so cute and so big! i loved the pics too, your grandma won't be the only one:)

Marcia said...

A blog with that many sweet pictures was (almost) worth the wait. I was something today that I almost had to buy for Caroline. Then I saw that the line at Marshalls was like 10 people deep and 1 register open. It's the thought that counts?
If only the bad guys would check with us before making plans!

Ashley said...

So sweet. I miss that girl (and her momma) so much!

I was at the movie the other night when you called. I will try again soon. I miss you!

Alisa Palmer said...

Hey Tiff! Thanks for putting that pic up! It looks great with the frame (sorry it was so expensive! framing is ridiculous!) Glad yall are having a good summer so far!