Monday, September 08, 2008

Babies R Us, you are ridiculous...

So, Caroline's 1st birthday is coming up in a few weeks and Sean and I haven't quite decided what to buy her toy-wise. Tonight I decided to peruse the Babies R Us website to see what they had. They have an option to click on titled "Narrow by Age." I thought that would give me some perfect options for a 1st bday present. Wrong. Let me show you what I found:

This is one of the items that is apparently appropriate for a child 12-24 months old:

A tummy time mat? Seriously? Caroline has this exact same mat and I think she outgrew it at 6 months. Maybe before then. But she DID like it very much when she was teeny. Thanks again, Katherine!

For the 2 year old crowd:

An activity gym. We have one of these, too. Thanks, Kathy! It's been in the attic for months. But, apparently it's age appropriate for a two year old. Maybe I should dig it back out.

I think these were some of my favorites. Please bear in mind that I teach Kindergarten. For the 5-7 year old:

Plush blocks...

...and a pop-up toy.

Yep, those would definitely be met with applause in my classroom. Or apparently, a 1st or 2nd grade classroom.

So, does anyone have any GOOD ideas for a 1st birthday toy? I'm thinking about something like a little slide for the backyard or a car she can ride on/in. Let me know if there's something you really like!


Marcia said...

Way to go Babies R Us! Our tummy time mat like that and activity gym are also packed away somewhere. a slide or ride on toy sounds like a much better idea to me. I have been thinking about Caroline's birthday and can't believe its already here. How are you doing with that?
Good job with all your blogging. Maybe it will inspire me to be a better blogger.

~Gretchen~ said...

That is completely insane.

Melody got a large cardboard box for her 1st birthday. You have never seen a kid so excited!

Katherine said...


I will be glad to join you in an all-out boycott of the BRU. It is, after all, the only store that I have ever cried in the middle of. As far as gifts for the 1 year old, we got a ride on toy, a rocking puppy (like a rocking horse, but it's a puppy), a ball popper, several Leap Frog fridge toys (Phonics, Farm, DJ), just to name a few. The slide did come a few months later. I would say that if the first anniversary is paper, the first birthday is gross motor (or at least it was for us). Have fun. K

NOAH said...

for aidan's first birthday he got a little ride-on car that you can change into a 'walker' and he pushed that thing around and loved it. he was still wobbly and not walking great but after that thing, he was everywhere. he loved it. he still plays with it and he's 3. for his 2nd birthday we got a slide and he loves that. it's still too big for oliver. he tries to crawl up it and it scares me because it's big. but he loves it when we help him and hold him while he's sliding. granted, it's a big slide. you'd probably get something smaller for c. the one we got is a 5ft slide. and since we have no backyard, it's in the kitchen. way to think ahead on the backyard thing! ;) hope that helps!!

Christa Greene said...

Here are a few of Avery's favs. from her first b-day party:
-Radio Flyer wagon
-Leapfrog refrigerator magnet sets
-Fisher Price doorway house (does tons of different things...keeps her occupied for hours!)I got it @ BRU-your favorite place! I think they have it online, but who knows what age range they listed it under!
Happy shopping and Happy Birthday Caroline!