Sunday, November 12, 2006

Two Things

Two things!

Two names I go by: Tiffany and Mrs. Beatty

Two of my everyday essentials: ponytail holder or hairclip and underpants

Two things I am wearing right now: pearl earrings from my mother-in-law and pink shorts

Two of my favorite bands or artists: Caedmon's Call and Celine Dion

Two things I want in a relationship: God and trust

Two truths I have: I love God and Sean with all my heart

Two things I hate (or dislike with a passion): celery and roaches

Two physical things that appeal to me: smile and eyes

Two favorite hobbies: napping and reading

Two things I want really badly: kids and a kitchenaid mixer

Two places I want to go on vacation: Bahamas and Disneyworld

Two things to do before I die: have children and travel to some cool spots

Two ways I am stereotypically a chic: I love shopping and I'm great at whining/pouting

Two things I wouldn't normally admit: I don't always brush my teeth before bed and I don't like Grey's Anatomy


Anonymous said...

Tiff you are a bad influence on me. Ever since I read this on your blog, I am so tempted to not brush my teeth at night. Last night I didn't wash my face which is big for me.