Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I'm so excited! I just got off of the phone with the woman that made my wedding cake, and I'm picking up my anniversary cake on Thursday! Yes, you heard that right. Sean and I don't have to eat the disgusting top of our cake that has been in the freezer for a year (which we don't even have because we knew we'd be getting this one...we ate the cake top when we got back from our honeymoon). I was never a fan of saving the top of my cake for the first anniversary, and when she told me she makes all of her brides a fresh replica of their cake for their anniversary, I was SOLD! I'm a huge fan of customer service, and the woman who made my cake was WONDERFUL! If you need a cake in the Brazos Valley, I highly recommend Cinderella Stories! Here's a picture of the original cake...

It turned out absolutely beautiful and tasted wonderful too! It's hard to believe it's almost been one whole year!!


Marcia said...

Way to go getting your anniversary cake. Our cake maker would do it for us, but I never got around to going to get it. I guess I'm a bad wife.

Ashley said...

We did the same thing and it was awesome! :)

Happy Anniversary this weekend