Sunday, November 18, 2007


Does anyone know of a good photographer in my area? I've GOT to get pictures taken of Caroline. We took her to Sears yesterday and to put it simply it did not go well. I really didn't like it there and don't want to go back. I'm willing to pay a decent amount for good pictures, just nothing too outrageous! Let me know if you have any reccomendations!


Matthew said...


Jenny Livingston goes to church with us and does fabulous photography. Many families at church (including the Carsons) use her. I will email you her info.

Love ya - Paula

Sarah said...

Hi Tiffany,

It's Sarah Johnson, Karl's wife. Hey, Karl just told me about your blog the other day so I have been looking at it and catching up on your lives and your little sweet Caroline!!! Anyway, I just saw your post about a photographer. Just yesterday I found a girls blog that I went to college with down there in College Station that has opened up a photgraphy business. I haven't talked to her in years but just saw this link on her blog and it looks like she does some really good work. I have no idea what she charges but it's worth a look!!! Anyway, just another idea for you. I hope you find someone. Oh, and Caroline is SOOOOOO cute!

Ashley said...

JC Penneys did all of Carley's and they did a GREAT job

Shannon Dial said...

you need to hire alisa for pictures at some point - she would rock your world! she could meet you in abilene or something

Ashley said...


I'm going to be the first to say it. We MUST see new pictures of your little one, regardless of who takes them. Don't leave us in suspense! I'm sure she had a turkey costume for Thanksgiving. ;)

Ashley said...

Someone is NOT doing a good job of blogging pictures of Caroline!