Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'm a winner!

I entered a photography contest this week and just found out today that I won an honorable mention. I entered 3 pictures and actually won a prize with the only one I took with my OLD point and shoot camera. It was a picture I snapped a few months ago of Sean and Caroline before he left for work. I literally took the picture from my perch on the recliner. Anyway, it looks like I won a free 5X7, so I'm pumped. Check out Lindsey Cotton's site if you live in Abilene and need a photographer (or if you just want to gawk at my photographic expertise...ha!) Her pictures are really great!


annalee said...

congratulations! that is great.

Jessica Hasten said...

The baby is getting so big and so cute! I love Sean's shirt on your main page picture!

I also love the picture of you watching TV with the baby asleep across your lap. So sweet!!