Friday, January 25, 2008

Sweet Niblets!!

This is an actual account of a conversation that happened at our house this week.

Sean (talking to his mother on the phone about a test he has to take on Wednesday to get a promotion at work): "Yeah, if I pass I get a $_____ raise.

Me (from a completely different room in the house, mind you): "Oh no, it's at least two or three times that much!"

Sean: "How in the world do YOU know that?"

Me: "I looked it up on the Internet."

Sean: "You did what? Where?"

Me: "On the police department website. I can show you if you want."

Sean: "Uh, OK."

I click through the police dept. website to the page appropriately named "Know About Police Salaries".

Sean: "Well, I'll be.."

I guess it makes sense that I know more about his salary than he does...I AM the one who spends most of it:)

P.S. He passed the test! YAY! We're going to celebrate tonight by going out to dinner and buying...I don't know...diapers probably!

P.S.S. No, I don't know what "Sweet Niblets!" means, but one of the little girls in my class keeps saying it and it makes me laugh. I hope it doesn't mean something inappropriate!


Marcia said...

That is too funny. I was driving Matthew's car this week and there was a book of class c misdemeanors in the door. I really wanted to memorize a few and shock him with my legal knowledge. You should try that for Sean next.

Irma and Koby said...

More diapers is ALWAYS a good thing! :) Congrats to Sean on the raise!

Anita said...

I just realized where your little girl at school is getting Sweet Niblets! They say is on Hannah Montana. So I think you're pretty safe to throw the expression around.