Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Break 2008

We headed out on Saturday morning for the first leg of our "Tour of Texas" trip. We stopped and had lunch with Sean's parents in Waco at Schmaltz's (if you're in Waco, you MUST get a sandwich from there) and spent the night in Abilene with my parents. We tried out Lytle Land and Cattle for the first time for dinner. I thought it was really overpriced for so-so food and awful service, but we had a nice time with my family.

Sunday morning we woke up bright and early (minus one hour of sleep because of Daylight Savings) to head to LUBBOCK! (I have to put it in all caps because I love it so much!) We went to church and met up with Ashley and her precious daughter Carley. After a quick lunch at One Guy from Italy we headed to Ashley's house where we played and talked for awhile. After a quick trip to the South Plains Mall to pick up some Red Raider gear, it was time to meet Cody for dinner at Lujan's.
I had not seen Ashley and Cody in over a year (and even then it was just a quick dinner in Austin) and I hadn't seen Carley since she was a newborn. We stayed up WAY too late talking. It was wonderful! I miss hanging out with them so much and I'm counting the minutes until we can get together again!

On Monday, Alisa took Caroline's 6-month pictures for us at the church. Sean and I met there so it was really special. She did a wonderful job and I can't wait to have her take more pictures of our little family in the future! After the photo shoot, we headed over to see my old co-workers at Head Start. I worked with some awesome people at that school and I was so excited to see them! We left town at lunch time and stopped at Holly's Drive-In in Post for burgers and onion rings (another place you MUST try).

We tried our hardest to make it all the way home to College Station, but we were just too tired. We spent the night in Waco at Sean's parent's house instead. It ended up being nice because we just relaxed on Tuesday and visited his grandmother. We had lunch at Italian Garden in China Spring (super yummy!) and Caroline and I took a LONG nap on the couch together. On Tuesday night we made the drive to College Station with Sean's mother. She offered to babysit Caroline while we left for our anniversary trip.

Wednesday morning Sean and I set out for Austin. Our first stop was Garden Ridge where we finally purchased a park bench for our porch. After checking into the hotel (we stayed at the round-looking Holiday Inn on I-35...looked shady from the outside, but the room was SO nice!) we headed to Waterloo for Sean and Anthropologie for me. After some quick showers and primping at the hotel, it was off to Ruth's Chris downtown. Definitely a splurge, but so yummy!

On Thursday we woke up and met my sister at Kerbey Lane for brunch. She is a nanny and she brought the cute little 3 year old boy that she watches. He was a total ham! We then visited the Bob Bullock museum downtown and walked around the capitol building for awhile. After that we decided that we could not stand to be away from our sweet baby for one more minute, so we headed home. (With one pit stop here for dinner!)

Needless to say, we were exhausted by this point from all the traveling. The rest of our Spring Break was spent resting and relaxing. This week we had even more fun with some visitors from Houston. You can read about it on Marcia's blog!


ushabalaji said...
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Anonymous said...
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Marcia said...

Oh how I miss One Guy's. Maybe Alisa should take Mallory's pictures there someday since that's where we technically met and I just love those calzones.

Anita said...

We thought the same thing about Lytle when we ate there. WOW! on the prices. I love how the eating places are a high point at all your stops. That's my kind of trip!!!

Caroline and Mallory are precious!

Mrs. Palmsey said...

Good to know you had a great time on your trip! Now that you're back, you can pick out your free 8x10! And if you have any questions about how the site works, just call me - it's easier to talk through it!

Anonymous said...

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