Monday, November 17, 2008

Reasons I am clearly ready for a vacation...

1. Getting out of bed in the morning is excruciating. I'm so tired! Every day I push the snooze a little bit more.

2. I have forgotten to take my class to the library twice this month. It's not really that huge of a deal, but it's a 30 minute break for me. Who forgets to take their break?

3. I dressed my whole family up in our Texas Tech gear on Saturday, only to find out the game wasn't until this weekend. It didn't even occur to me to check the schedule.

4. Showed up to church last night and remembered that church started an hour earlier this week and we missed it.

5. I just put my sister's birthday card in the mail this morning. Her birthday was November 5th.

6. This weekend we needed a new faucet for the sink and I sent Sean and his Dad to pick it out without me because I was too tired to go. I took a nap with Caroline instead.

7. Went to Target last night for milk and cotton balls. Came back with all kinds of other stuff, but no cotton balls.

Thanksgiving holiday can obviously not come soon enough...6 more work days! WOO HOO!


Shannon Dial said...

thanksgiving vacation and then lubbock vacation - wooo hooo!

Christa Greene said...

Amen, sister!