Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Travel Advice

I need some help from all you Moms out there. This summer, we are going to be visiting DisneyWorld with Sean's parents and we're taking Caroline along! I'd love any advice y'all have as far as what to pack for a flight and visiting theme parks with a toddler. We got Caroline her own seat on the flight and we're staying at a Disney resort, so that will make things a little easier I'm sure. Anyway, if you have any good ideas (even if I don't "know" you) throw 'em my way! Thanks!


Libby said...

Alot of praying? snacks...portable DVD player...alcoholic beverages? I kid...that sounds like so much fun!

Alisa Palmer said...

get a baby leash on that kid. disney world is so packed - it would be good if she wanted to walk to not always have to hold her hand in the crowds!

oh, and leave her with the gparents and go to a really awesome restaurant one night! :)

Becky at "Cheese My Head" said...

I highly recommend taking her car seat on the plane. Jonah was born a wiggler and he was always content in his car seat on a plane. Maybe because that made it seem more like a car trip.

And snacks. Lots and lots of snacks.
I hear it's good to have them chewing or sucking on something during take-off and landing. Helps their ears pop.

Besides that, we've had great success with the leash.

You're going to have SO much fun! Jealous!!!

The Ruth Family said...

Hi Tiffany! We went to Disney World last summer and had a wonderful time...but we didn't take any little ones. That could be a little more difficult! We saw a lot of kids with the monkey backpack...then you can hold the tail as a leash! I got my nephews one at Target. As for how to do Disney with a baby...I have no idea! I'd say...go early before it is too hot...there are lots of inside shows that are cool for the afternoon....most babies go to Magic Kingdom...but...all the parks are great! If you want to ride "big kid" ride defintiely do the fast pass. Let me know if you have any questions...I don't know how helpful I will be...but I can try! Have so much fun...we loved it!