Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I should be an English teacher...

All day I've been bothered over whether or not I spelled underated right in my last post. Is is underated? underrated? I think I was right. Stuff like that really bothers me, which is peculiar since I spend most of my time with people who can only spell phonetically (if they can spell at all). I will let them slide since they are only 5/6, but I expect them to do it correctly as adults!;) Anyway, tomorrow's my next OB appointment and I'm very excited to find out if everything is going okay with little "Peanut". Maybe tomorrow I will have a new picture to share. I know my blog is getting boring without them!


Paula said...

Dictionary.com says "underrated" is the correct spelling. Not that it really matters in the big scope of life - just wanted to put your mind at ease!! I have dictionary.com in my toolbar now and I LOVE it - it has helped me many times. Can't wait to see pictures of little one.

Love ya!