Monday, July 23, 2007

21 things not to say to a pregnant woman...


I slept like a rock.

2)Sally looks fantastic, don't you think? It's hard to believe she's had three kids.

3)You sure you wanna eat that cookie?

4)My sister had a nine-pounder. We can beat that.

5)Will those stretch marks go away?

6)Wow, it's hard to believe something as big as a baby can actually come out of you.

7)Can you get the phone? We're fourth and one.

8)Of course I don't care about the weight gain, but you're kidding yourself if you think it's only 20.

9)I'm trying to sleep. Can you be still?

10)Don't be so emotional.

11)I finished the ice cream.

12)If I didn't know better I'd bet on triplets.

13)I didn't know your ankles would look pregnant.

14)You want me to dust off the exercise bike for after the baby?

15)Brian's wife was in labor for 42 hours.

16)I think we should have another one right away so that the kids will be close.

17)Steve's wife walked out of the hospital wearing the same jeans that she wore before she got pregnant.

18)I just found out what an episiotomy is do you want me to
tell you?

19)I told my mom she could live with us for a month after the baby is born.

20)Can you try to have the baby after playoffs?

21)I couldn't find a pair of gym shorts, so I'm wearing some of yours.

I found this on the JCPenney totally cracked me up. I restrained myself from highlighting the ones that my husband has actually said to me!


annalee said...

what a great list of the "not to says!"

Marcia said...

I think #22 should be Sean telling you to just hold it until he could get home and fix the toilet.

Marcia said...

Last night I was getting ready for bed and I could hear Matthew busting up laughing in the living room. Turns out he was reading your list and imagining Sean (adn I'm sure himself) saying them. Thanks for entertaining him.