Monday, July 23, 2007

This and that...

I have been a blogging fool the past few days! I think this makes 3 posts in 2 days. This partly has to do with my latest insomnia. I didn't feel very well all weekend and I finally figured out that it's because I haven't been sleeping well at all. Caroline's favorite time to play is in the middle of the night, so it makes it very hard to fall asleep. Saturday night she was moving SO MUCH I was sure she was trying to be born right then and there. I think she was practicing for the Olympics. I then started panicking because we don't have a carseat! And her room looks like an atomic bomb of crap went off in it! (We haven't even started fixing it up!) And most importantly, she's not due for 6 weeks, she barely weighs 4 pounds.

Today when I went to the doctor, he assured me it is normal to be having some contractions right now, so that made me feel a lot better! He also told me that he is going to be out of town the week I am due, so he's going to try and schedule an induction for the week before! It really hit me how close it is! He checked the calendar and told me September 4th. No problem, not like I've scheduled anything else exciting for the month of September. As I'm checking out of the office, he comes back and tells me he looked at the calendar wrong and I'll be delivering the next week instead. I know you can see where this is going. Yes, my dear baby girl will very likely be born on September 11th. At least no one will forget her birthday!

After my appointment, I was proud of myself for being very productive. I got my oil changed, went to Sonic for a drink and ordered a replacement part for my car at the Nissan dealership. I needed to stop at Motherhood Maternity before I headed home because I needed some new bras. (I've decided that since I've posted pictures of my bare belly on here, I can talk about my underwear, too!) One of my friends told me to start buying nursing bras when I needed a bigger size, so that's what I've been doing. I'll admit, I'm very cheap and had been trying to squish myself into my old ones for WAY TOO LONG. Ladies, do not do this. If you know me, you are well aware that I've been mostly flat chested my whole life. I have to buy all of my bras at Victoria's Secret because lots of stores don't carry the extremely strange and small size I wear. I start trying some on at the maternity store and can't quite decide what fits. I ask the sales lady to measure me just to make sure. So she does and comes back with this size....32F!!! Now just let that sink in for a minute. It's obscene, I know. I almost fell on the floor laughing! Before I was pregnant, I wore a 32B. That means I've grown 4 cup sizes! Good grief, I did not sign up for this! Anyway, I left the store empty handed because they of course don't carry that size or anything even close to it. I'm apparently going to have to do some Internet shopping!

Well, that's my day so far. Sean and I are having dinner with some friends and playing some SETTLERS OF CATAN! I'm so excited! For now, I think I'll try to squeeze in a quick nap...