Saturday, July 28, 2007

Guess what day Caroline will make her big arrival!


Ashley said...

Hey friend, I just had a chance to read your last posts. I have 2 other sweet friends that are sweet girls more on september 11th. It is a great day to have a sweet baby girl! You will do great. ( I wish I could be there though)

Holy cow, 32 F. Now can you see why I was freaking out about the bridesmaids dress. If you are an f right now, imagine what i was! :)

Caroline will come at the right time, and yes, she will probably be petite like her momma. It is not about size, though, it is about development. at 38 weeks, she will be ready to come even if she only weights 5 lbs Just be thankful that you won't have huge stretch marks! :)

Oh, BFFVV, I love you and I love Caroline! She will be her before you know it, and by then, you will have everything ready!