Friday, August 03, 2007

Armadillo by Morning

I have come to the conclusion that most people don't actually read my blog posts unless they have a picture to go along with them. I figured this out by noticing how many people guessed in the baby pool that my baby would be born after my due date. They obviously had not read my last post, where I revealed that my induction date is going to be on September 11th. So, in light of this, I promise pictures in this post!

This week we had some fun visitors...of all varieties! Sean's sister and brother in law came into town on Wednesday night and stayed with us until Thursday. We enjoyed some delicious meals at Abuelo's and Blue Baker (and a Blizzard from DQ) and did some shopping. It was so fun! We were able to offer them some additional entertainment yesterday with this story....

Yesterday morning, Sean was leaving for work at about 8:45 and noticed that lots of things in our garage were messed up. His golf bags and fishing poles were knocked down and 3 bags of fertilizer were totally demolished and strewn about. We had left the garage open the night before for about an hour, and figured the pesky neighborhood cat had gotten in and gone to town. It was a DISASTER in there!

When Sean got back from work, he was showing us the bags of fertilizer and Ryan kicked one of them. IT MOVED! At this point I started screaming and ran in the house. I'm not a lover of the animals. They started poking around in the bag and found an ARMADILLO! It was huge! They finally let it go free in the yard and the last place we saw it was our neighbor's flower bed. It was a crazy afternoon!

Mindy took all of these pictures (again, they are foggy because of the humid weather!) My job during this time was to scream "Don't touch it! You'll get rabies!" and "AAARGGHHH!!!" I was very good at my job.


Marcia said...

AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I thought it was bad on Sunday when Matthew and my dad had to chase a chameleon out of our house. An armadillo is way worse!
I had read your post saying you would be induced September 11, but I was sure if that was definitite. I have a friend who is due on 9/14 and is naming her little girl Caroline also. She is hoping for the 8th so her birthday would be 9-8-7. I thought that sounded fun so its what I guessed.
See you tomorrow!

Anita said...

That armadillo is HUGE!!! Good call on staying away from that frightening thing.

I didn't guess on the expectnet thing, but I'll guess 8/30. Abby was due 9/14 also and she just decided she did not want to share her bday month with everyone else in our family. She debuted on 8/28!!!

Ashley said...

I am very scared of armadillos now. VERY SCARED! Scary. You were very brave,