Monday, August 06, 2007

Fun Weekend!

This weekend my friends from college gave me a wonderful baby shower in Ft. Worth. It was so nice to see and catch up with friends I hadn't seen in awhile. Some of them came from as far as Kansas and Oklahoma. They blessed Caroline with some very nice things! I was so sad to leave...I didn't want the fun to end!

Old friends having a great time!

This quilt was a gift from my mother. It's one of many that she is making for Caroline. She just can't stop sewing! Isn't it beautiful?

All of the ladies giving Caroline some lovin'!


Ashley said...

SO sweet. I am sad we couldn't be there.

Marcia said...

Saturday was great! That first picture you posted is neat because at first glance it looks like it was taken 6 years ago of all of us sitting around in Lubbock.

Jessica said...

Sorry I missed the shower, Tiffany! I hope all is well with you and Shaun and baby Caroline!