Saturday, July 21, 2007

Ah, the joys of home ownership....

Sean and I have been in our new house for a whole month now! This has given us (actually, just Sean) time to work on a few home improvement projects. This is our first time as non-renters and it's a little bit scary to know that we are now in charge of anything that goes wrong. Here's a sampling of things that have happened in the last month...luckily, these are all small problems...nothing major yet!

1. Our microwave oven is possessed by the devil. If you put anything in it for too long, it shuts off completely. Not just stops cooking off, like not working off. It's obviously BRAND NEW so Sean and I are suspecting that it is not vented appropriately and is overheating. Haven't figured out how to fix that yet.

2. One night I was in the kitchen and Sean was in the living room when we hear a loud crash from our bedroom. I went in to check it out and noticed the soap dish in our bathroom was completely on the opposite side of the room. Before I started freaking out that a ghost threw the soap dish across the room, I decided to be brave and assess the situation. Our entire HUGE mirror over the sink had fallen down. Luckily it fell straight down and didn't break at all. The people who owned the house before us had GLUED it to the wall. This mirror is super heavy, and I'm sure the steam from the shower just loosened the glue all up. Haven't figured out how to fix this one either.

3. The pull chain for the light in our bedroom keeps getting stuck and no one in town sells a replacement part. Sean was going to blog about his trip to Home Depot to buy the part because it was hilarious, but he chickened out. You'll have to ask him in person. It's funnier when he does the voices anyway. Status: not fixed!

4. Last week I walked into our guest bathroom and noticed the contour rug around the toilet was soaked. Sean hates for the bathroom floor to get wet, so I thought it was weird that he stepped on that rug after his shower and got it so wet. When I asked him about it, he told me he didn't do it. That's when we noticed water leaking out of the bottom of the toilet. We call the plumber and he can't come for a few days. No problem, we have two bathrooms, right? Wrong. Friday night after Sean goes to work, I use our bathroom and when I flush, water starts gushing out of the tank. I call Sean at work and he says "I'll look at it when I get home." He obviously was not aware of the fact that I am 8 months pregnant and have to use the bathroom about 900 times a day. I almost had a nervous breakdown. I was so brave and held it until he came home (many hours later), but believe me he was greeted at the door with the words "I gotta pee!" He even decided to play plumber and fixed BOTH toilets by himself (saving us about 100 bucks in the process). Unfortunately, he would not allow me to take pictures. I don't know why. His crack wasn't showing or anything!

If you know Sean, you know that his favorite handyman projects are in the yard. He LOVES to fix up the lawn and he is very particular about it. It's looking great outside at our house (with a little help from the abundant rain!) I'll have to take some pictures and post them soon!

In other news, I just found these on sale at Old Navy and ordered them for the hospital! I called Sean at work to tell him the exciting news of my purchase, but apparently he was busy breaking up a skirmish at the bar and was not quite as pumped as I was.

I thought I might need some nursing pajamas and now I have some to match baby Caroline! I think I might try to look for a bathrobe also. Both of the ones I have now are WAY TOO WARM! Any advice on what else to take to the hospital when the baby is born?


Paula said...

We have little lists of "not fixed yet" also, I think as homeowners you always do! I love the PJ's!! One of my favorite things when I was pregnant was getting the bags ready for the hospital (I know - I'm weird). I would make a list and wait anxiously until I could pack the bag (usually several months early!). If we get together Sunday I would love to help you with "the list" for the bags!!

Marcia said...

I think the matching PJs are too cute! You'll have to let me know what is good and not good to have at the hospital.
Sometimes our toaster rattles on the other side of the kitchen when we use the microwave. I try not to stand between the two when it does this so the radiation or whatever comes from microwaves doesn't get me.

annalee said...

LOVE the jammies! my prego book said to bring lots of pairs of socks. you will go through several pairs, and want your own at all times. random, but i thought i would share the only thing i know:)

Anita said...

It sounds really gross, but bring big panties and your own pads. Wear the stretchy hospital panties as long as you can and use all the tricks they tell you to make your body feel better after the trauma of delivery. Just being honest!

Anita said...

Oh-I do love the matching jammies!