Saturday, August 25, 2007

100 Facts About Me

This seriously took me about 3 weeks to complete!

1. My favorite color is pink. Light pink, not hot pink.

2. I'm sure my husband is overwhelmed by the amount of pink in our home lately.

3. I have gained 30 pounds this year so far.

4. That did not stop me from eating Taco Bell for lunch today.

5. The lady in the drive thru asked me if I was eating for 2 or 3.

6. I have one younger sister and no brothers.

7. I am the only person in my family with red hair.

8. I have a fake tooth.

9. It's from a root canal a few years ago.

10. That experience was the most painful of my life so far.

11. I do not like cilantro. I hate the taste of it.

12. I ran a half marathon two years ago.

13. I really want to run a full marathon someday.

14. I was a cheerleader in high school.

15. My favorite chore is washing laundry. I really don't mind it too much.

16. I'm very particular about how my clothes are washed. I usually won't let anyone else do it.

17. I cannot put my face under the water while swimming without holding my nose.

18. I don't know how to drive a standard.

19. I need to learn soon so I can drive our Jeep.

20. I don't really like to use lotion because I don't like the way it feels.

21. I LOVE to play board games.

22. I really want to see Celine Dion in concert in Vegas.

23. I also really want to see The Phantom of the Opera.

24. I played the viola for 7 years.

25. I lived in the same house from the time I was born until I went to college.

26. My parents' house is one block from ACU.

27. I went to Texas Tech, though.

28. I have lived in 10 different houses and apartments in the last 10 years.

29. My husband and I just bought our first house.

30. I am about to start my 7th year as a teacher.

31. My husband and I went on our first date in December 2000.

32. We went to Logan's Roadhouse and to look at Christmas lights in Ransom Canyon.

33. We didn't start officially dating until 4 years later.

34. We lived 7 hours away from each other during the first months we dated.

35. We were engaged about 6 months after we started dating.

36. We got married 6 months after that.

37. I found out I was pregnant after we were married for 9 months.

38. It's been an eventful 2 years!

39. My right index fingernail broke almost all the way off when I was in high school and it won't grow back correctly.

40. I cannot remember how it happened.

41. I'm allergic to cats, dogs, grass and some trees.

42. I'm not a big fan of pets.

43. One food that I don't like is celery.

44. I always sleep on the right side of our bed.

45. I love to read my People magazine every Friday. I get excited to see it in the mailbox.

46. My birthday is on 7-11 like the convenience store.

47. I've only gotten one ticket, for speeding in 1998.

48. I've never had a wreck that was my fault.

49. My husband still thinks I'm a bad driver.

50. I'm pretty good at spelling.

51. I HATE science. It just does not make sense in my brain.

52. I always have to be doing something else at the same time when I watch a movie at home.

53. Most of the time I fall asleep during the movie.

54. I rarely fall asleep during movies at the theater.

55. I love anything peach. It's my favorite fruit.

56. My favorite type of food is Italian.

57. My second favorite is Mexican.

58. My husband and I agreed on Caroline's name before we were even married.

59. I thought it up while listening to a Ryan Adams song.

60. I cannot stand for my toenails or fingernails to get long. It grosses me out.

61. I love picking out and buying presents for people.

62. My favorite dessert is my Mom's apple pie and homemade whipped cream.

63. My favorite place to shop is Target. I get excited every time I go there.

64. I'm allergic to penicillin, but only since a few years ago.

65. It made me break out in hives over my whole body.

66. The only food I've really craved while pregnant is fruit.

67. The only food I've had an aversion to is chicken tenders.

68. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to eat Chicken Express, Layne's or Cane's again.

69. I love finding old friends on MySpace.

70. I'd rather mess around on the Internet than watch TV any day.

71. My favorite place to shop for clothes is Ann Taylor Loft.

72. I think I have very cute toes.

73. When I was 2 years old, I stuck a raisin so far up my nose that I had to go to the doctor to have it removed.

74. I'm not good about brushing my teeth before I go to bed.

75. I rarely eat breakfast during the school year, but during the summer I eat it almost everyday.

76. I don't like apple juice.

77. I love mustard.

78. Mayonnaise totally grosses me out. Sean also hates it so we never keep it in the house.

79. I caught mono during my last year of college.

80. I student taught in a bilingual second grade class and I know almost no Spanish.

81. Another food I do not like is snow cones. I just tried one a few hours ago to make sure, but I still don't like them.

82. One year in college, my two roommates and I lived in an apartment with another girl that none of us had ever met.

83. I just saw Footloose for the first time a few weeks ago.

84. I drive a Nissan Altima.

85. I collect children's picture books. I have tons of them.

86. When I was growing up, my Mom worked for an adoption agency and we got to keep the newborn babies at our house until they were adopted.

87. My favorite shoes are my Rainbow flip flops.

88. I have never broken a bone.

89. When I was a baby, I swallowed a penny. My Mom had to "find" it later.

90. I am using my old baby bed in Caroline's room.

91. She is coming home from the hospital in the same dress I came home in.

92. My husband is a better cook than I am.

93. My first job was as an usher for a minor league baseball team.

94. "Outtie" belly buttons gross me out. I'm really glad mine has not popped out while I've been pregnant.

95. I haven't been able to wear my wedding rings for a month because my fingers started swelling.

96. My feet started swelling this week, but my left one is definitely bigger.

97. Brushing my teeth still makes me gag. I hope it stops when the baby comes!

98. I love my husband. He's the best!

99. I want to visit New York City at Christmas time.

100. I have a great smile. (I'm not vain, Sean told me to put that one!) :)


Marcia said...

Thanks for working hard and finishing. I learned a few new things about you. The most shocking is that you don't like snow-cones??? No Bahama Bucks?

Irma and Koby said...

This is great!! It's sweet that Caroline will come home in the same outfit you did! Oh, since your gift has been in my truck for oh...2 weeks now, you might want to wash it as soon as you get it. I have dogs and they ride in the truck sometimes, I'd hate for you to get sick.

Libby Melton said...

i am much impressed with the list! I've learned a lot about you:)

Ashley said...

I love mayo! Who knew. I have the ugliest toes in America. I am still glad we are friends. It means even more that you bought Baby Ali doggie toys since you are allergic to her. I just told her this as well.

Alisa said...

i like number 86 :) I'm with ya on hating celery. i only like it cooked. raw, it tastes like dirt. stringy dirt.