Friday, August 17, 2007


It seems like every day it hits me more and more that I could go into labor any day! I've been trying to make sure that I have things semi-organized and ready, but if you know me, you are aware this is not my forte. I have washed some of Caroline's clothes and personal items so she has a little bit of stuff ready (I already lost one of her mittens...I think the washer or dryer ate it). Sean and I assembled the Pack N Play and put it in our room for her bassinet. Today we tackled the stroller and car seat. I was starting to get worried her stuff would not arrive in time, so it was a relief that we got it all in this week (we had to order it from were speedy)! I had actually not seen any of it in person, and luckily it turned out to be super cute!

Sometime this week, Sean is going to have one of his friends at work install the car seat base. Did you know that most police departments have people certified to do this for you? I think fire departments also have people who can do it. They have to go through a pretty intense training to be certified (it's at least a week long, I think). Anywho, that tells me that I'm WAY underqualified to do it myself. I'm glad I have the hook ups so I don't have to even attempt it.

I've started to go to the doctor every week now and on Thursday he's going to start checking to see how far along I am. Sean and I have pretty much decided that we're not going to do the scheduled early induction after all unless there is a medical reason I need it. I haven't heard great things about induction and I'm not really bothered by having the on-call doctor since I haven't had any complications. We're hoping everything will just progress naturally! I did find out this week that I tested positive for Group B Strep. I'm not too nervous about it, but since I'm allergic to
penicillin I'm going to try to get to the hospital in plenty of time for my antibiotic to kick in. It seems that nothing works quite as quickly as penicillin!

Last weekend was so fun with a visit from my parents and Sean's parents. We had a baby shower thrown by my friends from work on Saturday and our church shower was on Sunday. Again, we were blessed with an abundance of nice gifts from truly generous friends and family!

I had training for school 2 days this week and Monday is my first official day back for this school year. It's really hard to believe that I'm about to start my 7th year of teaching. It seems like only yesterday Ashley and I were walking around Higginbotham Park talking about how nice it would be to have the first year done. Time flies. I'm hoping I can get some more things ready in my classroom before Caroline makes her arrival. I'd hate to leave a sub with chaos!


Ashley said...

I am such a weirdo, why I am crying reading your blog. I sure wish I was there to walk with you, watch you experience pregnancy, and talk to sweet Caroline.

I miss you and our walks VERY much.

Being a long distance BFFVV is very hard.

annalee said...

you are so so close! what a wonderful time. y'all will be great, no worries needed!

Marcia said...

I didn't want you to think that I don't read your blog if there aren't pictures.

Its so exciting that Caroline is getting so close! I can't wait!

My curiosity is getting to me...I think I can figure out the BFF but what does the VV stand for? Are you and Ashley in a cult?