Sunday, April 13, 2008


We've had lots of fun seeing all of Caroline's grandparents over the last week or so. Last weekend, we went to Waco to spend time with Sean's parents. Sean got to go fishing and we got out for two dates (bowling and a Baylor baseball game)! We had a great time and I know that Sean's parents enjoyed spending time with (and spoiling) our little girl!

My parents came into town this weekend, and we also had a great time. We did some shopping and went to the park. Again, we were all very spoiled! Sean and I were able to get out of the house for a quick adults-only trip to Barnes and Noble last night. My mom and I attempted to get some bluebonnet pictures of Caroline this afternoon. She was very interested in picking the flowers, so they didn't turn out that great, but they weren't awful either.

Caroline's babysitter was out of town this week, so Aunt Tara came in from Austin for a day to help out. I think they both had a good time and it was nice to see her!

She and I are so much alike that we could be twins. Or not. :)

In other news:

I chopped my hair off!

I love it!


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Marcia said...

I love your hair!

Jonahfied said...

Your hair is cah-ute! Love the pic of Caroline in the bluebonnets. Oh how I miss the bluebonnets :(

Libby said...

What cute pictures, she's getting so big! Love your hair...